Girls’/Boys’Day event by the RTG members at UKE Hamburg

On the 25th of April 2024 three doctoral researchers of our RTG – Anne Klimesch, Julia Ruge and Nils Clusmann – contributed to the Germany-wide “Girls’Day” and “Boys’Day” by hosting a fantastic event at UKE Hamburg, offering pupils from grade 7 and up an opportunity to be a cognitive neuroscientist for a day.

At the event, a mixed group of teenage boys and girls were introduced into how one studies the brain, and were able to try out some of the technology used in neuroscience. 

A brief get-to-know-you game at the beginning of the event was followed by short inputs on psychology, neuroscience, statistics and what it means to be a neuroscientist.

To get some hands-on experience, every participant was able to try out a driving simulator and virtual reality glasses, accompanied by explanations as to how these technologies are used in research. Finally, the schoolchildren were introduced to an MRT scanner and were able to observe on a screen how brain areas become active during a scan of a participant performing a task.

Thanks so much to our doctoral researchers who organised this amazing offer!

“Girls’Day” and “Boys’Day” are events that take place once a year across Germany, with the aim of offering pupils from grades 5 to 10 an opportunity to get to know career prospects that are atypical for their gender.