Lecture Series talks in the Summer semester 2023

At the end of the Winter semester 2022/23 and during the Summer semester of 2023 the following talks took place in the framework of our Lecture Series “Emotional learning and memory in health and disease”:

11th of January:

Dr. H.J. (Harm) Krugers, University of Amsterdam

Title: “Stress and memory: from synapses to ensembles and behavior​”

5th of April:

Dr. Kevin LaBar, the Duke University

Title: “Cognitive Reappraisal of Emotional Memories”

7th of June:

Prof. Talma Hendler, Tel Aviv University

Title: “Harnessing the brain to heal the mind; the horizon of neurofeedback in psychiatry”

5th of July:

Prof. Dr. Anja Riesel, Universität Hamburg

Title: “Overactive Error Monitoring as a Transdiagnostic Risk Marker for Psychopathology”